Morning (10am - 1pm)

Evening (5.30pm- 7.30pm)

Mahavir hospital,Besides KP Heights,

Near ManmohanCross Road ,New Nikol, Ahmedabad,Gujarat

Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr Shailesh Dube
Primary Specialty MD Medicine
Experience 10+ Years
Education & Training
Medical Education General Physician
Practice Areas Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular Conditions, Respiratory Disorders, Gastrointestinal Issues, Endocrine Disorders, Neurological Conditions


Dr. Shailesh Dube, MD Medicine, is a seasoned General Physician with over a decade of rich experience in the medical field. His journey in medicine began with a strong educational foundation, culminating in the attainment of a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in General Medicine. As a General Physician, Dr. Shailesh Dube is well-versed in a wide spectrum of medical conditions, offering comprehensive care to his patients. His expertise spans across various aspects of internal medicine, making him a reliable and empathetic healthcare professional. Dr. Dube is committed to staying abreast of the latest developments in medical science, guaranteeing that his patients receive the highest standard of care.

Doctors Achievements

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Service Recipient Says

Thank you very much Dr Shailesh Sir for your good care and concern… very knowledgeable I must say. Your 'manner' put me at ease and helped me gain confidence. “You are truly a remarkable doctor and professional that we respect and trust.

Sudamiben Chauhan Patient Name